DIGITAL is an advertising agency with 20 years of experience in the field of advertising offering design and production of all types of advertising printed products. Founded in 1998. and to this day it does not stop to develop and improve the quality of its services and products. DIGITAL has its own PRINTING AND MANUFACTURING BASE, with excellent equipment. With our latest addition to XEROX's extensive range of digital production machines, we offer you more capabilities in terms of performance, speed, reliability and print quality. Our center offers a full range of finishing processes, using the BEST MODERN TECHNOLOGIES, EXCELLENT EQUIPMENT AND UNCERTAIN MASTERCARD. Our employees strive to get a quality finish for your product at reasonable prices. The team of DIGITAL also aims to provide excellent service from the beginning to the very end of the production process. In 2017. we have expanded the production program and the company's activity by purchasing new production equipment for cutting and engraving of stainless and black steel, plexiglass, wood, MDF, parquet, leather, cardboard and others. Our aim and mission is to meet the high criteria and requirements of the client for the quality and quick execution of the order. What we can offer is honesty, quality, creativity, short deadlines and competitive prices. The team of advertising agency DIGITAL is made up of young and creative professionals who guarantee fast and quality service.