Advertising material for hotels

Internal visual communication - Room numbers, direction for groups of rooms, floors, blocks, room plates, pictograms, evacuation plans, fire safety signs, Wellness and Spa signs, billboards, working times, etc.

Orient the customer on your territory. Head to his room, to the location of the common rooms and restaurants in the hotel complex. Do not miss the mandatory fire and general safety signs. For the needs of internal visual communication we produce labels by laser cutting and engraving of special double-layer materials, which are available in a wide variety of colors. In order to give the plates a more complete look, additional functionality and volume can be bent, spacers or frames placed, pads of different materials: wood, brass, aluminum, colored plexiglass, glass and others. Application is also made of foam-PVC signs with foil labels.

Reception and information boards - reception inscriptions, reception clocks, information boards, pool boards, key chains, badges, hotel card printing, polling boxes, etc.

Prepare the reception and the space around it as a place for efficient communication with your guests. Provide the necessary general information. Provide everything you need for quality guest service from check-in to check-out. We can fulfill any of your ideas thanks to the variety of technologies we use and our long-standing experience in making custom-made orders. In addition to the above mentioned products we also produce: nameplates with name and position, advertising shelves, posters and frames for them, keychain dividers, message notes, brochure and business card holders, stickers, boxes for tips, coupons, omissions, . We produce individual boards for excursions, tour operators, animation, pictograms, currency exchange, swimming pools, SPA and Wellness centers.

Printed supplies - hotel room and hotel services - folders, business cards, letterheads, hotel passports, customer cards, questionnaires, factsheets, phonebooks, room service folders, folders minibar, alarm cards, envelopes, badges No worries, ,

Provide comprehensive hotel and service information in the hotel's guest room. Inform him about the internal order. We can produce any printed material you need. We have our own printing base, a graphic design studio and a finishing process department and bookbinder. The listed items will represent your hotel and should be quality and stylish. First we develop a common graphic design for all the hotel's printed materials. We choose the most suitable colors and papers. We illustrate design with projects of several basic items. After your approval, you can be sure that any subsequent printed material will conform to the accepted style.

Printed promotional materials, hotel forms and documentation - leaflets, postcards, leaflets, catalogs, invitations, posters, posters, books, mini bar, laundry, vouchers, invoices, queries etc.